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Toll Free No: 1800-208-6777

For Appointments: 0877 - 6690000,

Toll Free No: 18002086777

Amara Hospital’s esteemed Dr. Arun Kumar, renowned Pediatric Orthopedic specialist from CMC Vellore, is partnering with Bless Hospital in Asansol, West Bengal! This #collaboration, facilitated by Chairman Dr. Vinod Kumar and the Bless Hospital Management Team, will see Dr. Kumar visiting the ORC (Out Reach Clinic) every month for 3 days, offering his expertise to children in the Asansol community.

This partnership aims to: Increase access to high-quality pediatric orthopedic care for underserved communities in Asansol. Combine the strengths of both hospitals to provide comprehensive pediatric orthopedic services. Enhance the overall well-being of children in the region. We’re thrilled to witness this collaboration and its positive impact on children’s health in Asansol. Stay tuned for further details about Dr. Kumar’s visit schedule!