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For Appointments: 0877 - 6690000,

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Almost everyone experiences hair loss. Losing hair excessively or in patches, is cause for concern.

What can I do to prevent hair loss?

If you are experiencing hair loss of greater than 100 hairs / day for 2-3 months continuously, make an appointment with us. Our dermatologist will evaluate you for potential underlying causes and provide an appropriate plan.

Services available at Amara for preventing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth:

This is a popular procedure used mainly for controlling hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. It is a 3 step medical treatment in which blood is drawn, processed and then injected into the scalp. This works by stimulating blood flow to the hair shaft and inducing growth of hair and by increasing thickness of the hair shaft.

Scars can develop after pimples or chicken pox lesions heal, leading to an unevenness of the facial skin. Dermarolling is a manual procedure used to smoothen the scarred skin. It is a very simple yet effective skin resurfacing treatment.


In this procedure, performed under local anesthesia, hair from behind the scalp is transplanted in the areas of hair loss. Hair regrowth can be seen from the 3rd month, and maximum benefit is visible in 8-12months. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is used, and hence no scars are visible over the donor or recipient areas.