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Who is at risk?

Depression is a common and serious illness which negatively affects the way you feel, think and act.    

Table 2. Who is at risk for developing depression?

Vulnerable Groups Reasons
Age 10-19 years
Adolescents face new stressors such as exams, college admissions, leaving home for college, peer pressure
Major life changes
Death or illness in family, divorce, victim of crime
Pregnancy and postpartum
Hormonal and significant lifestyle changes
Elderly people living alone
They may feel isolated and left out with loss of purpose in life. This is seen more commonly in men.
Financial problems
Loss in business, getting fired from job
Social Isolation
Especially after relocation to a new place

Many of us may have suffered from depression, but may not be aware of it.

Table 1. What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression can present differently in women and men.  Women present mostly with sadness, while men may appear angry and tend to use alcohol and drugs more.  Some people are also more vulnerable to depression (table 2)

Depression can drain your energy, making it difficult to work, take care of your home/ children and enjoy yourself.  If your symptoms are severe, you should visit your doctor. 

Being depressed, does not mean that you are weak.  Some people are genetically more prone to become depressed, but treatment is available.  With appropriate medication treatment and counselling, most people will feel better and can return to living a normal and happy life.