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What causes obesity?

There has been a 10-fold increase in childhood obesity over the past 20 years (especially children aged 2-5 years). Studies show that 3.6 to 11.7% of Indian children are obese. By 2025 it is predicted that there will be 17 million obese children in India. So, why is this happening? This increase is a result of changes in lifestyle leading to:


Unhealthy diet
Children are eating more junk food and drinking sugary drinks. Families are going out to restaurants and eating more take-out food, resulting in the consumption of more preservatives and unhealthy food.

Less physical activity
Children are spending more time watching TV, playing video games and using the computer and smart phone. They are also spending less time playing outside and engaging in sports. Families too are preferring movie nights to going hiking or taking up outdoor activities. All this is resulting in a sedentary lifestyle.

Some children may be more prone to gaining weight, but by eating right and being active, they can maintain a healthy weight.