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Our comprehensive dental program provides multi-disciplinary dental care and 24- hr emergency dental services. Services include dental health checks, basic and advanced dental treatments.

Our expert team ensures that you will receive up- to- date management of your dental problems by using latest technology in accordance with international protocols and strict hygiene measures.

We promise you a comfortable and pain free experience during your treatment.


Dr R. Sunitha

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Dental anxiety/dental phobia

Dental anxiety/dental phobia is a term used to describe fear, anxiety or stress in a dental setting. Being scared to visit the dentist can result in delaying or avoiding dental treatment. Dental anxiety can be associated with certain triggers such as needles, drills or the dental setting in general.

 serious anxiety prevents from seeking proper preventative dental care. The consequences of this problem may go far beyond dental pain or lost teethGum disease is a serious infection that can affect other parts of the body. Studies showed that dental anxiety and irregular dental check-ups can lead to illnesses including heart diseasestrokediabetes. Etc.


Laser and sedation dentistry

Tooth pain/Toothache

Avoid tooth pain

Reduce tooth pain

Services offered at AMARA DENTAL for treatment of dental pain

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are the most common symptom nowadays.

If your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth, you might shrug it off or think this is normal. But bleeding from the gums indicates an underlying problem.

Factors like brushing too vigorously, injury, menstruation, pregnancy, and inflammation can contribute to bleeding gums.

Frequent gum bleeding can also indicate more serious conditions, including:

1.periodontitis (an advanced form of gum disease)

2.leukemia (cancer of the blood)

3.vitamin deficiency

4.lack of clotting cells (platelets)

Bleeding Gums

1. Practice good oral hygiene

  • Teeth brushing twice a day with manual or electric tooth brush with a small head and soft round bristles. Try not to brush too hard and use a circular or elliptical motion around your mouth. It is recommended to replace your toothbrush every 3 months.
  • Floss twice daily, ideally just before you brush your teeth.
  • Mouth rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash after every meal

2 .Stop smoking

3. Reduce stress level

4. Increase your intake of vitamin C &K

5. Reduce intake of carbohydrates

6. Apply cold compress

7. alanced A poor diet that is low in nutrients can make teeth and gums more vulnerable to problems. The gums of smokers are susceptible to infection. Leading a healthy lifetsyle and eating well can help keep your whole body in good condition, including your gums.

8. Visit your dentist twice per year for professional teeth and gum cleaning

Services offered at AMARA DENTAL for treatment of bleeding gums

Our team will assess and discuss the cause of your bleeding gums and various advanced nonsurgical treatment options such as laser assisted gum cleaning.

Our dentist will let you know if you have gingivitis and teach you how to brush and floss your teeth properly.


Laser assisted gum cleaning (sulcular debridement)



Services offered at AMARA DENTAL for treatment of discoloured teeth.

If you still not happy with the color of your teeth, consult  our expert dentist to discuss about treatments that can be performed which could lead to a bright white smile!”


Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic dental procedure that shows significant improvement to your teeth’ brightness — up to many shades brighter. Bleach is applied to each tooth while a laser generates heat that enhances its effectiveness, which ultimately speeds up the process, leading to quick, dramatic results.

Teeth whitening at home

Teeth veneers

Dental decay or cavity

Tooth decay is damage to a tooth’s surface, or enamel. It happens when bacteria in your mouth make acids that attack the enamel. Tooth decay can lead to cavities (dental caries), which are holes in your teeth. If tooth decay is not treated, it can cause pain, infection, and even tooth loss.

Services offered at AMARA DENTAL for treatment of tooth decay/tooth cavity

Tooth coloured fillings

Based on size of tooth cavity, our expert team recommneds various direct and indirect tooth coloured fillings for front and back teeth.

Tooth like/coloured crowns

Tooth coloured crown is the best possible treatment for teeth with large cavities.

Tooth coloured crowns mimic the natural teeth in esthetics and function.

Tooth laminates/lumineers

Tooth laminate is the best option that can be considered where the superficial portion of tooth decay needs to be replaced without covering the whole natural tooth

Can I get rid of my crooked teeth ?

Crooked teeth or misaligned teeth are very common in children and adults.

Crooked teeth in children:

Baby teeth  can come in crooked, or they can become crooked. Baby teeth sometimes move into crooked positions because they’re too small to fill the amount of gum space allocated to them. Failure of correction of crooked teeth In children may leads to speech difficulties, inefficient chewing, indigestion, weight gain, loss of self-esteem etc.

Causes of crooked teeth in children:

Crooked teeth in adults

Problems due to crooked teeth :

  1. Loss of self esteem which disturbs mental health
  2. Gum diseases ultimately loss of teeth
  3. Indigestion and weight gain
  4. Excess wear and early loss of teeth
  5. Speech difficulties
  6. Stress on jaw joint resulting in chronic pain

What can I do to prevent crooked teeth in my children and myself?

Services offered at AMARA DENTAL for treatment of tooth decay/tooth cavity

Metal braces

Ceramic braces

Invisible lingual braces

Invisible aligners

Orthognathic(teeth straightening)surgery

Orthognathic surgery also known as corrective jaw surgery or simply jaw surgery, is surgery designed to correct conditions of the jaw and face related to structure, growth, sleep apneaTMJ disorders, malocclusion problems owing to skeletal disharmonies, or other orthodontic problems that cannot be easily treated with braces

Can I get treatment for my missing tooth ?

What can I do to to avoid complications due to missing tooth/teeth ?

Schedule your visit with your dentist and try to get the treatment for missing tooth/teeth earliest possible to avoid consequences as it is always said that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE

Services at AMARA DENTAL for treatment of missing tooth/teeth in adults

Our expert will assess your oral condition and explain you all the possible options of replacing missing tooth/teeth such as dental implant, fixed bridge, removable denture.

Dental implant

Fixed bridge

Removable denture

Semi fixed removale partial bridge