For Appointments: 0877 - 6690000, 7993933777

Toll Free No: 1800-208-6777

For Appointments: 0877 - 6690000,

Toll Free No: 18002086777

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide our services to book rooms of your choice, travel and other leisure activities.

Yes, we provide airport transfers to international patients who request the service.

Yes, our international patient team helps visa assistance by providing a VISA invitation lette

We request you to bring all your previous medical records and assessments. You will also need to carry a document proving that you are completely vaccinated against Covid-19.

The representatives at the International Patients Department will assist you with the booking appointments and confirmations. Provide them with the tentative date of travel and other information to help them assist you.

We have tie ups with nearby hotels. You may choose from a private room to presidential suites. Any cuisine chosen by the patient will be served to them and their attendant. If there are dietary restrictions, modifications or any food allergies, our chefs will make a note of it and serve you accordingly.

Cash up to the limit up to INR One Lakh Ninety-Five Thousand can be made.  If you wish to pay in international currency, we accept payments in USD.

Write to us at .  Our team will assist you in getting a medical opinion, a preliminary timeline and other information to allow you to plan your visit accordingly.

Every International patient is assigned with IPS coordinator who helps every process right from admission to discharge.

We will assist you and provide the necessary medical documentation required by your health insurance provider while you submit for your insurance claim. However, it is your responsibility to contact the insurance company to ensure that you get a reimbursement for a treatment abroad.

Post your enquiries to . Our team will assist you in getting an estimate for your treatment. The cost of your treatment largely depends on your diagnosis, treatment plan and personal requirements. We provide international standards of care at an affordable cost, making healthcare affordable to patients from around the globe.

That length of hospitalization largely depends on the kind of treatment/surgery you underwent and the kind of post-surgery care and rehabilitation you need. For rehabilitation, we recommend a minimum of two weeks, but ideally three weeks of inpatient treatment.

Once your discharge formalities are completed and you leave the hospital, your attending physician and nursing staff will provide you an overview of your treatment as well as follow up care recommendations. They will also do a final medical check-up before writing and handing over the discharge summary report to you. This will help you and your care provider back home get a clear understanding about the treatment you underwent and the kind of support and care you need once you get back home. You will also be facilitated with a couple of regular online video consultations with our medical team once you are back home till you completely recover.

We're Here to help

We understand the needs of international patients and families. Our international coordinator will welcome you and assist you in multiple ways. Right from scheduling your appointments, planning your travel, booking your accommodation, arranging for medical visa, verification of insurance, our coordinators will be your point of contact throughout your visit and help you navigate our health care system to ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible. We have outlined the steps below as you plan your travel and treatment at Amara Hospital.