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Am I up to date with my child's immunization?

What is it?

Immunization is a process which makes a person immune to an infectious disease by administering a vaccine (shot). The vaccine consists of a small amount of germ which causes the disease that you are trying to protect your child from. This stimulates your child’s own immune system to develop antibodies against the disease.

What types of vaccines are there?

There are different types of vaccines:

Attenuated (weakened) live virus
Measles, Mumps, and Rubella - MMR
Killed virus or bacteria
Inactivated Polio
Toxoid vaccine (inactivated toxin produced by bacterium)
Diphtheria, Tetanus Toxoid
Conjugated vaccine (parts of bacteria with protein)
Haemophilus Influenza Type B

Why should I immunize my child?

Failure to give your child the correct shots at the appropriate time will put him/her at risk of developing childhood illnesses like Polio, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Pneumonia.

Refer to the immunization chart for an understanding of age-specific vaccination requirement for your child. Regular Well Baby and Well Child Health Checks will allow our team to ensure that your child receives the correct shots

When should different vaccines be given?

Vaccine Abbreviation