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Is my child growing normally?

What is normal growth?

Growth is increase in the size of the body or quantitative growth (includes height and weight). Other components of growth include brain growth (head circumference) and nutritional status (mid-arm circumference). Growth also goes hand in hand with development (see Is my child’s development on track?)

Growth in the first year of life is remarkable. The baby grows 10 inches (25cm) on average, and its birth weight triples. After this the growth slows a bit. After the age of 2, your child will grow about 2.5 inches (6cm) a year till adolescence, but this is variable. There may be times of slow growth, followed by growth spurts.


How can I monitor my child's growth?

We will monitor your child’s growth during the Well Baby and Well Child Health Checks. To monitor your child’s growth at home, refer to the below links:


If your child’s height and weight falls between the 2 redlines, then your child is growing normally.

When should I be concerned about my child's growth?

If your child’s height or weight falls above or below the red lines, you should be concerned and schedule an appointment with Amara Hospital.

There are many possible causes of poor growth. Our pediatrician will evaluate your child for underlying medical, hormonal and other disorders as and when required.

How can I ensure that my child grows properly?

Enough rest: Most children need 10-12 hours of sleep; adolescents require 8-10 hours per night. Sleep is essential for growth, since growth hormone is secreted during slow wave sleep. In addition, reduced and disturbed sleep in older children will suppress Leptin (satiety hormone), increasing hunger which may lead to obesity.

Good nutrition: A balanced diet, rich in necessary vitamins and minerals will enable children to reach their full growth potential.

Regular exercise: Ensure children are physically active. Encourage them to run, cycle, dance and play sports. Exercise strengthens bones, tones muscles, and keeps children active and happy. Set limits for the time they sit in front of the TV, computer and use the smartphone.