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Geriatric Assessment

What is geriatric assessment?

Frequently, older people have multiple doctors who each prescribe multiple medications for various medical problems. This often results in them being on a high number of medications. Medication interactions may also occur if the doctors do not communicate with each other. In addition, functional limitations with gait, balance and other problems may be missed, if not specifically checked for.

At Amara Hospital, geriatric assessment is a team-based assessment of an older person’s physical health, functional ability, cognitive function, mental health, and environment.


Who needs it?

This is meant for people over the age of 70 with multiple medical problems and functional limitations.

What is assessed?

Patient will be evaluated by a doctor, dietician, and physical therapist. At the end of the evaluation, our team will formulate a summary of the patient’s medical condition, medications, new problems, cognitive function, mental health and functional ability.

After this, both short-term and long-term plans will be formulated.

Short term plan will include medication readjustment, evaluation for new problems, identifying nutritional, cognitive, mental health and functional problems and referring for appropriate treatment.

Long-term plan involves follow-up care and planning for future needs.

How will this help?

Geriatric assessment allows older patients to benefit from an interdisciplinary team that is effectively assessing and actively managing their health care. Besides, since it is all done under one roof, it is convenient for older people who may find it difficult to travel to multiple clinics.