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Toll Free No: 1800-208-6777

For Appointments: 0877 - 6690000,

Toll Free No: 18002086777

AMARA Preventive Health Checks (PHC)

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What is PHC?

Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC) will identify and minimize risk factors and detect illnesses at an early stage. This will allow us to initiate appropriate treatments and counsel you on proper lifestyle habits like diet, exercise, sleep and mental wellness. With early intervention, chronic illnesses can be prevented or treated before they start or get worse. Once you or a family member develops a chronic illness, the cost of hospitalization, medications, loss of productivity at work due to disability or absence, will be extremely high. A single hospitalization may cost lacs of rupees. Anyone over the age of 18 can have a PHC. Well Baby and Well Child Health Checks are als available.

Amara Well Women and Men Health Checks (HC) are designed to screen for problems early. Regular Health Checks and good habits will improve your chances of living a longer and happier life. Take charge of your health by making an appointment today.

You will be seen by a lifestyle medicine doctor who will review your history, health problems, immunization and family history. A detailed examination will follow. Screening for sleep disorders, mental illness and lifestyle habits including diet and exercise will be done. Based on the evaluation, appropriate tests will be recommended. These tests will examine your metabolic profile and screen for age / gender appropriate cancers.
After check-up is completed, the doctor will:    

If you are diagnosed with mental illness, alcohol problem, sleep problem, heart disease or other chronic illnesses, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist.​

Depending on your package, the following will be detected: