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How much sleep do I need?

The sleep requirement varies based on age. For instance, a newborn baby sleeps almost 70% of the day, and school going children require 9 – 11 hours. In general, people are getting less sleep than they require due to longer work hours and the 24-hour availability of entertainment and other activities.

Research by the National Sleep Foundation outlines minimum and maximum sleep requirement range for people across the lifespan. Additionally, each individual has his or her own individual sleep requirements, which may be determined genetically.

The amount of sleep you require, is not a one size fits all, and will depend on your age and individual sleep requirements.

How much sleep do you need?

If you feel tired and sleepy all day, you may not be sleeping enough at night. Sleep loss (not getting enough sleep) over long periods of time, leads to health problems and may also predispose you to developing chronic medical diseases (link to sleep and health).

Most adults require 7-8 hours of sleep. If you feel alert and function well during the day, then you are sleeping enough. If not, slowly increase your sleep time at night, till you start to feel better.

There are some people who require very little sleep or more sleep than others. They are known as short and long sleepers. The short sleepers can sleep as little as 4 – 5 hours and still feel alert and function well during the daytime. Whereas the long sleepers will not feel good unless they sleep 10 – 11 hours or more at night. Although rare, these people do exist.

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